IFTAR, Syrian night diner Ramadan Kareem
datum: dinsdag 12 juni
tijd: 20:00 tot 23:30
locatie: de Wolkenfabriek

Special edition of Eat & Meet. 

It is during the Ramadan period: the month of fasting where muslims do not eat, drink, smoke or make love between sunrise and sunset. 

The IFTAR is the meal that follow the sunset , Tradisional big buffet with many different dishes .
The buffet will be open from the sunset time (around 22:00 ) 

Celebrate this special moment with us!

Adults: Eur. 5 
Kids : Eur. 2.5

For reservations, it can via Email : 
Or WhatsApp : 0633352949 

This event is sponsored by : 
Yamen cuisine
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